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[kon-ser-vey-ter, kuh n-sur-vuh-] /ˈkɒn sərˌveɪ tər, kənˈsɜr və-/

a person who or preserves; preserver; protector.
a person who repairs, restores, or maintains the condition of objects, as paintings or sculptures in an art museum, or books in a library.
Law. a guardian; a custodian.
British. a person employed by the commission; a worker.
/ˈkɒnsəˌveɪtə; kənˈsɜːvə-/
a person who conserves or keeps safe; custodian, guardian, or protector

1640s, from conservator + -ship.

c.1400, from Anglo-French conservatour, from Latin conservator “keeper, preserver, defender,” agent noun of conservare (see conserve).


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