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[kuh n-sahyn-muh nt] /kənˈsaɪn mənt/

the act of .
something that is .
Commerce. property sent to an agent for sale, storage, or shipment.
of, relating to, or shipped as goods on consignment:
consignment selling of gift items.
on consignment, (of goods) sent to an agent for sale, with title being held by the consignor until a sale is made.
the act of consigning; commitment
a shipment of goods consigned
on consignment, for payment by the consignee after sale: he made the last shipment on consignment

1560s, “sealing with a sign,” from consign + -ment. Meaning “delivering over” is from 1660s; especially of goods, for the sake of sale or auction, from c.1700. Meaning “quantity of goods so assigned” is recorded from 1720s.


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  • Consignment-note

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. . noun 1. a nonnegotiable shipping document evidencing the contract between shipper and air carrier for transportation and delivery of cargo. Abbreviation: AWB. noun 1. a document made out by the consignor of goods by air freight giving details of the goods and the name of the consignee

  • Consignment-store

    noun 1. a retail store that sells secondhand items on behalf of others and receives a percentage of the sales price.

  • Consignor

    [kuh n-sahy-ner, kon-sahy-nawr] /kənˈsaɪ nər, ˌkɒn saɪˈnɔr/ noun 1. a person or company that goods, merchandise, etc. /kənˈsaɪnə; ˌkɒnsaɪˈnɔː/ noun 1. a person, enterprise, etc, that consigns goods

  • Consilience

    n. 1840, “concurrence, coincidence,” literally “a jumping together,” formed on model of resilience from Latin consilient-, from com- “together” (see com-) + salire “to leap” (see salient (adj.)).

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