[kon-sti-toot, -tyoot] /ˈkɒn stɪˌtut, -ˌtyut/

verb (used with object), constituted, constituting.
to compose; form:
mortar constituted of lime and sand.
to appoint to an office or function; make or create:
He was constituted treasurer.
to establish (laws, an institution, etc.).
to give legal form to (an assembly, court, etc.).
to create or be tantamount to:
Imports constitute a challenge to local goods.
Archaic. to set or place.
verb (transitive)
to make up; form; compose: the people who constitute a jury
to appoint to an office or function: a legally constituted officer
to set up (a school or other institution) formally; found
(law) to give legal form to (a court, assembly, etc)
(law, obsolete) to set up or enact (a law)

mid-15c., verb use of adjective constitute, “made up, formed” (late 14c.), from Latin constitutus “arranged, settled,” past participle adjective from constituere “to cause to stand, set up, fix, place, establish, set in order; form something new; resolve,” of persons, “to appoint to an office,” from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + statuere “to set,” from PIE root *sta- “to stand,” with derivatives meaning “place or thing that is standing” (see stet). Related: Constituted; constituting.

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