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of or relating to the of a state, organization, etc.
subject to the provisions of such a constitution:
a constitutional monarchy.
provided by, in accordance with, or not prohibited by, such a constitution:
the constitutional powers of the president; a law held to be constitutional by the Supreme Court.
belonging to or inherent in the character or makeup of a person’s body or mind:
a constitutional weakness for sweets.
pertaining to the constitution or composition of a thing; essential.
beneficial to one’s constitution; healthful:
constitutional exercise.
a walk or other mild exercise taken for the benefit of one’s health.
Contemporary Examples

A few weeks ago, Reid called a vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to regulate money in politics.
Time is Money: How to Fix Outrageous Political Spending Jim Arkedis November 2, 2014

There, the state senate passed a personhood bill similar to the constitutional amendment voters rejected in Mississippi last year.
Is Contraceptive Debate GOP’s New ‘Terri Schiavo Moment’? Michelle Goldberg February 16, 2012

If you have, then you probably also know that some worry that such a move would precipitate a constitutional crisis.
Why Obama Should Go Rogue Michael Tomasky July 4, 2011

In 2007, Abulkhair co-authored a petition calling on the Saudi royal family to accept a constitutional monarchy.
Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Power Couple Ahed Al Hendi May 29, 2014

Since the Affordable Care Act “regulates” economic activity, it must be constitutional.
Is the Supreme Court’s Health-Care Ruling a Turning Point in Constitutional Law? Randy Barnett June 27, 2012

Historical Examples

But Burke, apart from his fears, had a constitutional love for old things, simply because they were old.
Obiter Dicta Augustine Birrell

It is the constitutional method of ascertaining the public will.
United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches Various

If Parliament could work miracles of this sort, it would make one really in love with constitutional government.
Cornelius O’Dowd Upon Men And Women And Other Things In General Charles Lever

We take as our basis, then, the constitutional division of ten tribes.
The Cavalry General Xenophon

The Reichstag raised difficulties on the constitutional State contributions.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 8 Various

denoting, characteristic of, or relating to a constitution
authorized by or subject to a constitution
of or inherent in the physical make-up or basic nature of a person or thing: a constitutional weakness
beneficial to one’s general physical wellbeing
a regular walk taken for the benefit of one’s health

1680s, “pertaining to a person’s (physical or mental) constitution,” from constitution + -al (1). Meaning “beneficial to bodily constitution” is from 1750. Meaning “authorized or allowed by the political constitution” is from 1765. Constitutional monarchy is recorded from 1801, from French. Related: Constitutionally.

“a constitutional walk,” 1829, probably originally among university students, from constitutional (adj.) in the “beneficial to bodily health” sense.

constitutional con·sti·tu·tion·al (kŏn’stĭ-tōō’shə-nəl, -tyōō’-)

Of or relating to one’s physical makeup.

Of or proceeding from the basic structure or nature of a person or thing; inherent.


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