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[kuh n-tak-tuh nt] /kənˈtæk tənt/

noun, Medicine/Medical.
any substance that might induce an allergy by coming in with the skin or a mucous membrane.

contactant con·tac·tant (kən-tāk’tənt)
Any of a group of allergens that elicit manifestations of induced sensitivity by direct contact with the skin or mucosa.


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  • Contact-cement

    noun 1. synthetic adhesive that is applied separately to the surfaces to be joined and is allowed to dry, with the surfaces then being brought into contact: often used to join veneers.

  • Contact-binary

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a binary system in which the envelopes of gas surrounding each star are in contact.

  • Contact centre

    noun 1. another name for call centre

  • Contact cheilitis

    contact cheilitis n. Inflammation of the lips resulting from contact with a specific allergen.

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