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[kon-tak-tee] /ˌkɒn tækˈti/

a person or thing that is .
a person who claims to have communicated with or been by visitors arriving from outer space.

a person who is contacted, esp. one who claims to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings


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  • Contact flight

    noun 1. a flight in which the pilot remains in sight of land or water 2. air navigation by observation of prominent landmarks, beacons, etc

  • Contact-flying

    noun 1. aircraft piloting in which visual reference is made to the horizon and its landmarks.

  • Contact high

    noun 1. a state of altered consciousness caused by inhaling the drugs other people are smoking noun phrase A seeming intoxication induced by being with persons who are intoxicated with narcotics: that sympathetic vibration known as the ”contact high” (1950s+ Narcotics)

  • Contacting

    [kon-takt] /ˈkɒn tækt/ noun 1. the act or state of touching; a touching or meeting, as of two things or people. 2. immediate proximity or association. 3. an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like. 4. Electricity. a junction of electric conductors, usually […]

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