[kuh n-tey-ner] /kənˈteɪ nər/

anything that or can something, as a carton, box, crate, or can.
a large, vanlike, reuseable box for consolidating smaller crates or cartons into a single shipment, designed for easy and fast loading and unloading of freight.
an object used for or capable of holding, esp for transport or storage, such as a carton, box, etc


mid-15c., agent noun from contain.

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  • Containerboard

    [kuh n-tey-ner-bawrd, -bohrd] /kənˈteɪ nərˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd/ noun 1. any paperboard used in making , as corrugated paper or cardboard.

  • Container-car

    noun 1. a flatcar or gondola car for carrying a number of standard, separate, removable containers.

  • Container class

    A class whose instances are collections of other objects. Examples include stacks, queues, lists and arrays.

  • Container garden

    noun 1. a collection of pots or other receptacles containing soil for growing plants out of doors

  • Containerization

    [kuh n-tey-ner-uh-zey-shuh n] /kənˌteɪ nər əˈzeɪ ʃən/ noun, Transportation. 1. a method of shipping freight in relatively uniform, sealed, movable containers whose contents do not have to be unloaded at each point of transfer. Compare (def 1).

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