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[kuh n-tem-pluh-tiv, kon-tuh m-pley-, -tem-] /kənˈtɛm plə tɪv, ˈkɒn təmˌpleɪ-, -tɛm-/

given to or characterized by :
a contemplative mind.
a person devoted to , as a monk.
/ˈkɒntɛmˌpleɪtɪv; -təm-; kənˈtɛmplə-/
denoting, concerned with, or inclined to contemplation; meditative
a person dedicated to religious contemplation or to a way of life conducive to this

mid-14c., from Old French contemplatif (12c.), from Latin contemplativus, from contemplat-, past participle stem of contemplari (see contemplation).


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