[kon-tn-en-tl-iz-uh m] /ˌkɒn tnˈɛn tlˌɪz əm/

an attitude, expression, etc., characteristic of a continent, especially of Europe.
an attitude or policy of favoritism or partiality to a continent:
American continentalism.
the belief or doctrine that the U.S. and Canada should merge into a North American nation, especially for mutual economic benefit.

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    [kon-tn-uh n-tal-i-tee] /ˌkɒn tn ənˈtæl ɪ ti/ noun 1. the degree to which the climate of a region typifies that of the interior of a large landmass. n. 1897, a term in meteorology, from German kontinentalität (1895), from Latin continentem (see continent (adj.)).

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