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noun, Accounting.
money or securities set aside to cover unexpected conditions or losses in business, usually supplementing a contingency reserve.


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  • Contingency-table

    noun, Statistics. 1. the frequency distribution for a two-way statistical classification. noun 1. (statistics) an array having the frequency of occurrence of certain events in each of a number of samples

  • Contingency-reserve

    noun, Accounting. 1. an amount of money established from retained earnings to allow for unforeseen losses in business.

  • Contingency-tax

    noun 1. any new tax that would be necessary in case of a shortfall in revenues.

  • Contingent

    [kuh n-tin-juh nt] /kənˈtɪn dʒənt/ adjective 1. dependent for existence, occurrence, character, etc., on something not yet certain; conditional (often followed by on or upon): Our plans are contingent on the weather. 2. liable to happen or not; uncertain; possible: They had to plan for contingent expenses. 3. happening by chance or without known cause; […]

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