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  • Continued

    [kuh n-tin-yood] /kənˈtɪn yud/ adjective 1. lasting or enduring without interruption: continued good health. 2. going on after an interruption; resuming: a continued TV series. [kuh n-tin-yoo] /kənˈtɪn yu/ verb (used without object), continued, continuing. 1. to go on after suspension or interruption: The program continued after an intermission. 2. to go on or keep […]

  • Continued fever

    continued fever con·tin·ued fever (kən-tĭn’yōōd) n. A fever of some duration in which there are no intermissions or marked remissions in the temperature.

  • Continued-fraction

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a fraction whose denominator contains a fraction whose denominator contains a fraction, and so on. noun 1. a number plus a fraction whose denominator contains a number and a fraction whose denominator contains a number and a fraction, and so on

  • Continued-proportion

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an ordered set of numbers such that the ratio between any two successive terms is the same, as 1:3:9:27:81.

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