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Continuous suture

continuous suture n.
A suture made from an uninterrupted series of stitches and fastened at each end by a knot. Also called uninterrupted suture.


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  • Continuous system modeling program

    simulation (CSMP) A program for simulation of dynamics of continuous systems. CSMP is similar to CSSL. [“A Guide to Using CSMP – The Continuous System Modeling Program”, Frank H. Speckhart et al, P-H 1976]. (1995-02-23)

  • Continuous-variation

    noun, Biology. 1. variation in phenotypic traits such as body weight or height in which a series of types are distributed on a continuum rather than grouped into discrete categories. Compare . continuous variation Variation within a population in which a graded series of intermediate phenotypes falls between the extremes. Height in human beings, for […]

  • Continuous-wave

    noun, Telecommunications. 1. an electromagnetic wave of constant amplitude and frequency: used to carry information by being modulated, as in radio or television, or by being interrupted as in radiotelegraphy. Abbreviation: CW.

  • Continuous-welded-rail

    noun, Railroads. 1. a long, continuous rail formed by welding many short rails.

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