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Contour ploughing

ploughing following the contours of the land, to minimize the effects of erosion


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  • Contour-sheet

    noun 1. a bed sheet designed to fit snugly over a mattress or the like, often having elastic material to hold down the corners.

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    [kon-truh] /ˈkɒn trə/ preposition 1. against; in opposition or contrast to: Consider the problems of the teenager contra those of the adult. adverb 2. contrariwise; on or to the contrary. [kon-truh; Spanish kawn-trah] /ˈkɒn trə; Spanish ˈkɔn trɑ/ noun, plural contras [kon-truh z; Spanish kawn-trahs] /ˈkɒn trəz; Spanish ˈkɔn trɑs/ (Show IPA) 1. (often initial […]

  • Contra-aperture

    contra-aperture con·tra-ap·er·ture (kŏn’trə-āp’ər-chər) n. See counteropening.

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