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[kon-truh-sep-shuh n] /ˌkɒn trəˈsɛp ʃən/

the deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation by any of various drugs, techniques, or devices; birth control.
the intentional prevention of conception by artificial or natural means. Artificial methods in common use include preventing the sperm from reaching the ovum (using condoms, diaphragms, etc), inhibiting ovulation (using oral contraceptive pills), preventing implantation (using intrauterine devices), killing the sperm (using spermicides), and preventing the sperm from entering the seminal fluid (by vasectomy). Natural methods include the rhythm method and coitus interruptus Compare birth control, family planning

“birth control,” coined 1886 from Latin contra (see contra) + ending from conception.

contraception con·tra·cep·tion (kŏn’trə-sěp’shən)
Intentional prevention of conception or impregnation through the use of various devices, agents, drugs, sexual practices, or surgical procedures.

Any practice that serves to prevent conception during sexual activity.


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