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Contract law


the branch of civil law dealing with interpretation and enforcement of written agreements between parties

Contract law has its origins thousands of years as the early civilizations began to trade with each other, a legal system was created to support and to facilitate that trade.


Read Also:

  • Contract of employment

    noun 1. a written agreement between an employer and an employee, that, taken together with the rights of each under statute and common law, determines the employment relations between them

  • Contractor

    [kon-trak-ter, kuh n-trak-ter] /ˈkɒn træk tər, kənˈtræk tər/ noun 1. a person who to furnish supplies or perform work at a certain price or rate. 2. something that , especially a muscle. 3. Bridge. the player or team who makes the final bid. /ˈkɒntræktə; kənˈtræk-/ noun 1. a person or firm that contracts to supply […]

  • Contract-practice

    noun 1. the medical treatment of a group of persons by a physician or physicians with fees and services mutually agreed upon in advance.

  • Contract programmer

    job A programmer who works on a fixed-length/temporary contract, and is often specialised in writing certain types of code. A contract programmer may be independent or they may work in a supplier’s professional services department, providing consultancy and programming services for the supplier’s products. (2004-03-09)

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