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[kuh n-trair-ee-uh s] /kənˈtrɛər i əs/

Chiefly Appalachian. perverse; refractory.
Archaic. adverse; unfavorable.
adjective (rare)
(of people or animals) perverse or obstinate
(of conditions) unfavourable


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    [kon-trer-ee-wahyz or for 3, kuh n-trair-] /ˈkɒn trɛr iˌwaɪz or for 3, kənˈtrɛər-/ adverb 1. in the opposite direction or way. 2. on the ; in direct opposition to a statement, attitude, etc. 3. . /ˈkɒntrərɪˌwaɪz/ adverb 1. from a contrasting point of view; on the other hand 2. in the reverse way or direction […]

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    noun, Music. 1. melodic motion in which one part rises in pitch while the other descends.

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    [kon-truh; Spanish kawn-trah] /ˈkɒn trə; Spanish ˈkɔn trɑ/ noun, plural contras [kon-truh z; Spanish kawn-trahs] /ˈkɒn trəz; Spanish ˈkɔn trɑs/ (Show IPA) 1. (often initial capital letter) a member of a counterrevolutionary guerrilla group in Nicaragua. n. see Contra. mid-14c., from Latin contra (prep. and adv.) “against,” originally “in comparison with,” ablative singular feminine of […]

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