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Control column

a lever or pillar, usually fitted with a handwheel, used to control the movements of an aircraft Also called control stick, joy stick


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  • Control commands

    plural noun 1. keyed instructions conveyed to a computer by using the control key in conjunction with the standard keys

  • Control-electrode

    noun, Electronics. 1. an electrode to which a varying signal is applied to vary the output of a transistor or vacuum tube.

  • Control-experiment

    noun 1. an experiment in which the variables are controlled so that the effects of varying one factor at a time may be observed. noun 1. an experiment designed to check or correct the results of another experiment by removing the variable or variables operating in that other experiment. The comparison obtained is an indication […]

  • Control flow

    programming (Or “flow of control”) The sequence of execution of instructions in a program. This is determined at run time by the input data and by the control structures (e.g. “if” statements) used in the program. Not to be confused with “flow control”. (1997-09-14)

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