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a room housing control equipment, as in a recording studio.


Read Also:

  • Control-stick

    noun, Aeronautics. 1. a lever by which a pilot controls the ailerons and elevator of an aircraft. noun 1. the lever by which a pilot controls the lateral and longitudinal movements of an aircraft Also called control column, joy stick

  • Control structure

    programming One of the instructions, statements or groups of statements in a programming language which determines the sequence of execution of other instructions or statements (the control flow). In assembly language this typically consists of jumps and conditional jumps along with procedure call and return though some architectures include other constructs such as an instruction […]

  • Control-surface

    noun 1. any movable airfoil, as a rudder, flap, or aileron, for guiding or controlling an aircraft or missile in flight. noun 1. a movable surface, such as a rudder, elevator, aileron, etc, that controls an aircraft or rocket

  • Control-survey

    noun 1. an accurate survey of a region forming a basis for more detailed surveys.

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