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[kuh n-trohld-ri-lees] /kənˈtroʊld rɪˈlis/

(of a substance, as a medicine or insecticide) released or activated at predetermined intervals or gradually over a period of time.


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  • Controlled respiration

    controlled respiration n. See controlled ventilation.

  • Controlled study

    noun See controlled experiment

  • Controlled-substance

    noun 1. any of a category of behavior-altering or addictive drugs, as heroin or cocaine, whose possession and use are restricted by law. controlled substance n. A drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are regulated under the Controlled Substances Act.

  • Controller

    [kuh n-troh-ler] /kənˈtroʊ lər/ noun 1. an employee, often an officer, of a business firm who checks expenditures, finances, etc.; comptroller. 2. a person who regulates, directs, or restrains. 3. British Aeronautics. a dispatcher. 4. a regulating mechanism; governor. 5. Also called control unit, processor. Computers. the key component of a device, as a terminal, […]

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