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ownership of enough stock in a company to exert control over policy and management.
a quantity of shares in a business that is sufficient to ensure control over its direction


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  • Control-o

    character ASCII character 15 (SI). The character used on some operating systems to abort output but allow the program to keep on running. The name “SI” comes from its use on some terminals to “shift in” an alternative character set. “SO” is Control-N. Compare control-S. [Jargon File] (1995-03-16)

  • Control-panel

    noun 1. . 2. Computers.

  • Control-point

    noun, Aerial Photogrammetry. 1. a point located on the ground by precise surveying that when identified on aerial photographs provides the control necessary for producing a photomap.

  • Control program

    operating system (CP) The component of IBM’s Virtual Machine (VM) that provides “guest support” for operating systems that run on IBM mainframe compatible processors. Cp does this by providing a seamless emulation of privileged functions in the problem program environment. (1999-01-19)

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