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noun, Physics.
a distinct volume of circulating fluid, in a fluid medium under gravity, that is heated from below and cooled from above: usually found in large groupings.

a self-contained zone in which warmer air in the center is pushed upward and is balanced by the downward motion of cooler air on the periphery


Read Also:

  • Convection-oven

    noun 1. a gas, electric, or microwave oven equipped with a fan that circulates and intensifies the heat, thereby decreasing the normal cooking time.

  • Convection zone

    convection zone A region of turbulent plasma between a star’s core and its visible photosphere at the surface, through which energy is transferred by convection. In the convection zone, hot plasma rises, cools as it nears the surface, and falls to be heated and rise again.

  • Convective-activity

    noun, Meteorology. 1. any manifestation of convection in the atmosphere, as hail or thunderstorms.

  • Convective-discharge

    noun, Physics. 1. the repulsion of ions of a gas by a highly charged body, creating a discernible wind.

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