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[kuh n-vur-juh nt] /kənˈvɜr dʒənt/

characterized by ; tending to come together; merging.
(of two or more lines, paths, etc) moving towards or meeting at some common point
(of forces, ideas, etc) tending towards the same result; merging
(maths) (of an infinite series) having a finite limit


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  • Convergent-sequence

    noun, Mathematics. 1. . noun, Mathematics. 1. an infinite sequence, x 1 , x 2 , …, whose terms are points in Ek, in which there exists a point y such that the limit as n goes to infinity of xn = y if and only if for every ε>0, there exists a number N […]

  • Convergent plate boundary

    convergent plate boundary (kən-vûr’jənt) A tectonic boundary where two plates are moving toward each other. If the two plates are of equal density, they usually push up against each other, forming a mountain chain. If they are of unequal density, one plate usually sinks beneath the other in a subduction zone. The western coast of […]

  • Convergent strabismus

    convergent strabismus n. See esotropia.

  • Convergent technologies

    company A company formed by a small group of people who left Intel Corporation in 1979. Convergent Technologies’ first product was the IWS (Integrated Workstation) based on the Intel 8086, which ran Convergent Technologies Operating System – their first operating system. Unisys bought Convergent Technologies in 1988. [Who bought/merged with who and when?] (1998-04-03)

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