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[adjective kon-veks, kuh n-; noun kon-veks] /adjective kɒnˈvɛks, kən-; noun ˈkɒn vɛks/

having a surface that is curved or rounded outward.
Compare (def 1).

a convex surface, part, or thing.
/ˈkɒnvɛks; kɒnˈvɛks/
curving or bulging outwards
(physics) having one or two surfaces curved or ground in the shape of a section of the exterior of a sphere, paraboloid, ellipsoid, etc: a convex lens
(maths) (of a polygon) containing no interior angle greater than 180°
(transitive) to make convex

1570s, from Middle French convexe, from Latin convexus “vaulted, arched,” past participle of convehere “to bring together,” from com- “together,” or “thoroughly” (see com-) + vehere “to bring” (see vehicle). Possibly from the idea of vaults carried together to meet at the point of a roof. Related: Convexity. Convex lens is from 1822.

convex con·vex (kŏn’věks’, kən-věks’)
Having a surface or boundary that curves or bulges outward, as the exterior of a sphere.
con·vex’i·ty n.
Curving outward, like the outer boundary of a circle or sphere.


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