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a combining form representing convex, in compound words:


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  • Convexly

    [adjective kon-veks, kuh n-; noun kon-veks] /adjective kɒnˈvɛks, kən-; noun ˈkɒn vɛks/ adjective 1. having a surface that is curved or rounded outward. Compare (def 1). 2. Mathematics. noun 3. a convex surface, part, or thing. /ˈkɒnvɛks; kɒnˈvɛks/ adjective 1. curving or bulging outwards 2. (physics) having one or two surfaces curved or ground in […]

  • Convex lens

    convex lens n. A lens having at least one surface that curves outward like the exterior of a sphere.

  • Cool britannia

    noun the fashionable London scene Word Origin a pun on the song Rule Britannia

  • Cool-burning

    adjective pertaining to burning at a low temperature Examples Always choose cool-burning decorative lights for a Christmas tree. Word Origin 1843

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