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[kuh n-viv-ee-uh l] /kənˈvɪv i əl/

friendly; agreeable:
a convivial atmosphere.
fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial.
of or befitting a feast; festive.
sociable; jovial or festive: a convivial atmosphere

1660s, “pertaining to a feast,” from Late Latin convivialis, from Latin convivium “a feast,” from convivere “to carouse together,” from com- “together” (see com-) + vivere “to live” (see vital). Meaning “sociable” is from 18c. Related: Conviviality.


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    [kon-voh] /ˈkɒn voʊ/ Informal. noun, plural convos. 1. a conversation. verb (used without object), convoed, convoing. 2. to converse: My work is mostly convoing with customers.

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    v. mid-16c., from Latin convocatus, past participle of convocare (see convocation).

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