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See under (def 1).
[koo k-ee] /ˈkʊk i/
a small cake made from stiff, sweet dough rolled and sliced or dropped by spoonfuls on a large, flat pan (cookie sheet) and baked.
Informal. dear; sweetheart (a term of address, usually connoting affection).

Computers. a message, or segment of data, containing information about a user, sent by a web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser requests a Web page.
South Atlantic States (chiefly North Carolina) . a doughnut.
Scot. a bun.
toss / spill one’s cookies, Slang. to vomit.
noun (pl) -ies
(US & Canadian) a small flat dry sweet or plain cake of many varieties, baked from a dough Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) biscuit
a Scot word for bun
(informal) a person: smart cookie
(computing) a piece of data downloaded to a computer by a website, containing details of the preferences of that computer’s user which identify the user when revisiting that website
(informal) that’s the way the cookie crumbles, matters are inevitably or unalterably so

1703, American English, from Dutch koekje “little cake,” diminutive of koek “cake,” from Middle Dutch koke (see cake (n.)). Slang application to persons attested since 1920. Phrase that’s the way the cookie crumbles “that’s the way things happen” is from 1957.
A collection of information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web, used chiefly by websites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site. Cookies are used to relate one computer transaction to a later one.


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