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[kook-awf, -of] /ˈkɒɒkˌɔf, -ˌɒf/

a contest in which competitors gather to prepare their specialties.


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  • Cookout

    [koo k-out] /ˈkʊkˌaʊt/ noun 1. a party or entertainment featuring the cooking and eating of a meal out of doors. 2. the process of cooking and eating a meal outdoors. 3. a meal cooked and eaten in the open. adjective 4. of, relating to, or intended for use or consumption at a cookout. /ˈkʊkˌaʊt/ noun […]

  • Cookshop

    [koo k-shop] /ˈkʊkˌʃɒp/ noun 1. a place where prepared food is sold or served; restaurant.

  • Cookshack

    [koo k-shak] /ˈkʊkˌʃæk/ noun 1. a simple structure, as on a ranch or at a camp, where food is .

  • Cookson

    /ˈkʊksən/ noun 1. Dame Catherine. 1906-98, British novelist, known for her popular novels set in northeast England

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