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(also coolsville or Coolsville) Excellent; splendid: Your little scheme’s coolville (1950s+)


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  • Cooly

    [koo-lee] /ˈku li/ noun, plural coolies, adjective 1. . [koo-lee] /ˈku li/ noun, Disparaging and Offensive. 1. an unskilled laborer, especially formerly in China and India. 2. an unskilled laborer employed cheaply, especially one brought from Asia. 3. a contemptuous term used to refer to an Asian, especially an Indian living in South Africa. adjective […]

  • Coom

    [koom] /kum/ noun, Chiefly Scot. and North England. 1. soot; coal dust; smut. 2. dust, especially sawdust or dust from a gristmill. 3. grease from bearings, axles, etc. /kuːm/ noun 1. (dialect, mainly Scot & Northern English) waste material, such as dust from coal, grease from axles, etc

  • Coomaraswamy

    /kuːˌmɑːrəˈswɑːmɪ/ noun 1. Ananda (Kentish). 1877–1947, Ceylonese art historian and interpreter of Indian culture to the West

  • Coombe

    [koom, kohm] /kum, koʊm/ noun, British. 1. a narrow valley or deep hollow, especially one enclosed on all but one side. [koom, kohm] /kum, koʊm/ noun 1. . /kuːm/ noun 1. variant spellings of coomb /kuːm/ noun 1. (mainly Southern English) a short valley or deep hollow, esp in chalk areas 2. (mainly Northern English) […]

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