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[koon-hound] /ˈkunˌhaʊnd/

a of any of several breeds developed especially for hunting raccoons.
another name for raccoon dog (sense 2)


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  • Coon-rapids

    noun 1. a city in E Minnesota.

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    [koon-skin] /ˈkunˌskɪn/ noun 1. the pelt of a raccoon. 2. an article of clothing made of coonskin, especially a cap with a tail. adjective 3. made of coonskin: a coonskin cap. /ˈkuːnˌskɪn/ noun 1. the pelt of a raccoon 2. a raccoon cap with the tail hanging at the back 3. (US) an overcoat made […]

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    [koon-tee] /ˈkun ti/ noun 1. either of two arrowroots, Zamia integrifolia or Z. floridana, of Florida, having a short trunk, pinnate leaves, and cones: Z. floridana is an endangered species. 2. the flour produced from its starch. /ˈkuːntɪ/ noun 1. an evergreen plant, Zamia floridana of S Florida, related to the cycads and having large […]

  • Coony

    [koo-nee] /ˈku ni/ adjective, coonier, cooniest. 1. sharp-witted and shrewd; wily; canny.

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