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(intransitive) (Scot) a variant spelling of courie


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  • Coos

    [koos] /kus/ noun 1. a language of a group of American Indians indigenous to the coast of Oregon. [koo] /ku/ verb (used without object), cooed, cooing. 1. to utter or imitate the soft, murmuring sound characteristic of doves. 2. to murmur or talk fondly or amorously. verb (used with object), cooed, cooing. 3. to utter […]

  • Coos-bay

    noun 1. a town in SW Oregon.

  • Coot

    [koot] /kut/ noun 1. any aquatic bird of the genus Fulica, as F. americana, of North America, and F. atra, of the Old World, characterized by lobate toes and short wings and tail. 2. any of various other swimming or diving birds, especially the scoters. 3. Informal. a foolish or crotchety person, especially one who […]

  • Cootch

    [kooch] /kutʃ/ noun 1. . [kooch] /kutʃ/ noun 1. a sinuous, quasi-Oriental dance performed by a woman and characterized chiefly by suggestive gyrating and shaking of the body. /kʊtʃ/ noun 1. a hiding place 2. a room, shed, etc, used for storage: a coal cootch verb 3. (transitive) to hide 4. (often foll by up) […]

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