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[koh-pey-buh, -pahy-buh] /koʊˈpeɪ bə, -ˈpaɪ bə/

an oleoresin obtained from several tropical, chiefly South American trees belonging to the genus Copaifera, of the legume family, used chiefly in varnishes and lacquers, for removing old oil varnish from or for brightening oil paintings, and formerly in medicine in the treatment of certain mucous-membrane conditions.
a transparent yellowish viscous oleoresin obtained from certain tropical South American trees of the leguminous genus Copaifera: used in varnishes and ointments Also called copaiba balsam, copaiba resin


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  • Copaiba-oil

    noun 1. a colorless, yellowish, or bluish liquid having a pepperlike odor and bitter taste, obtained from copaiba by distillation: used chiefly in the manufacture of perfumes and soaps.

  • Copal

    [koh-puh l, -pal] /ˈkoʊ pəl, -pæl/ noun 1. a hard, lustrous resin obtained from various tropical trees and used chiefly in making varnishes. /ˈkəʊpəl; -pæl/ noun 1. a hard aromatic resin, yellow, orange, or red in colour, obtained from various tropical trees and used in making varnishes and lacquers

  • Copalm

    /ˈkəʊˌpɑːm/ noun 1. the aromatic brown resin obtained from the sweet gum tree 2. another name for the sweet gum

  • Copan

    [Spanish kaw-pahn] /Spanish kɔˈpɑn/ noun 1. . /Spanish koˈpan/ noun 1. a village in W Honduras: site of a ruined Mayan city.

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