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[koh-pey-uh n, -huh n] /koʊˈpeɪ ən, -hən/



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  • Copemate

    [kohp-meyt] /ˈkoʊpˌmeɪt/ noun, Obsolete. 1. an antagonist; opponent. 2. a comrade; partner.

  • Copen

    [koh-puh n] /ˈkoʊ pən/ noun 1. Also called copen blue. a medium blue color. adjective 2. Also, copen-blue. of the color copen.

  • Copenhagen

    [koh-puh n-hey-guh n, -hah-, koh-puh n-hey-, -hah-] /ˌkoʊ pənˈheɪ gən, -ˈhɑ-, ˈkoʊ pənˌheɪ-, -ˌhɑ-/ noun 1. a seaport in and the capital of Denmark, on the E coast of Zealand. [den-mahrk] /ˈdɛn mɑrk/ noun 1. a kingdom in N Europe, on the Jutland peninsula and adjacent islands. 16,576 sq. mi. (42,930 sq. km). Capital: Copenhagen. […]

  • Copenhagen-blue

    noun 1. a grayish-blue color. noun 1.

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