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[kop-ee-er] /ˈkɒp i ər/

a person or thing that ; .
a person or device that copies
another word for copyist

1590s, agent noun from copy (v.).


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    [koh-pahy-luh t] /ˈkoʊˌpaɪ lət/ noun 1. a who is second in command of an aircraft. /ˈkəʊˌpaɪlət/ noun 1. a second or relief pilot of an aircraft n. 1927, from co- + pilot (n.). noun An amphetamine taken in order to stay awake (1960s+ Truckers)

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    noun 1. a saw consisting of a thin, light blade held, under tension, in a U -shaped frame that has a handle: used for cutting small curves in wood. noun 1. a handsaw with a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves in a material too thick for a fret saw

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    noun, Psychology. 1. an adaptation to environmental stress that is based on conscious or unconscious choice and that enhances control over behavior or gives psychological comfort. Compare (def 2).

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