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[kop-ee-reed-oh-keel; French kaw-kee-yuh] /ˈkɒp iˌrid oʊˈkil; French kɔˈki yə/

noun, plural coquilles
[koh-keelz; French kaw-kee-yuh] /koʊˈkilz; French kɔˌki yə/ (Show IPA)
any of various seafood or chicken dishes baked with a sauce and usually served in a scallop shell or a shell-shaped serving dish.
the cooking utensil for baking such dishes, usually a scallop shell or small casserole resembling a shell.
a cooking utensil, filled with charcoal, for roasting meat on a spit.
the shell of an escargot.
/French kɔkij/
any dish, esp seafood, served in a scallop shell: Coquilles St Jacques
a scallop shell, or dish resembling a shell
(fencing) a bell-shaped hand guard on a foil


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