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[kawr-buh l] /ˈkɔr bəl/ Architecture

any bracket, especially one of brick or stone, usually of slight extent.
a short horizontal timber supporting a girder.
verb (used with object), corbeled, corbeling or (especially British) corbelled, corbelling.
to set (bricks, stones, etc.) so as to form a corbel or corbels (usually followed by out).
to support by means of a corbel or corbels.
Also called truss. a bracket, usually of stone or brick
verb -bels, -belling, -belled (US) -bels, -beling, -beled
(transitive) to lay (a stone or brick) so that it forms a corbel

mid-14c., from Old French corbel, diminutive of corb “raven,” from Latin corvus (see raven); so called from its beaked shape.


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