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Core asset


the most essential, important, or valuable property of an organization or individual

The business would dissolve without its core asset.


Read Also:

  • Core-barrel

    noun 1. (in a core drill) a length of pipe for holding rock cores while they are being extracted from the drill hole.

  • Core business

    noun the main area upon which a business is built or operates; the main activity a business takes part in

  • Core cancer

    jargon A process that exhibits a slow but inexorable resource leak – like a cancer, it kills by crowding out productive “tissue”. [Jargon File] (1997-11-10)

  • Corecipient

    [koh-ri-sip-ee-uh nt] /ˌkoʊ rɪˈsɪp i ənt/ noun 1. one of two or more , as of an award.

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