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[kawr-kee] /ˈkɔr ki/

adjective, corkier, corkiest.
of the nature of ; corklike.
Also, corked. (of wine, brandy, etc.) spoiled, especially by a tainted .

early 17c., “light, buoyant” (as cork is), hence, figuratively, of persons “lively;” from cork (n.) + -y (2). Of bottled liquors or wine, “having a flavor of cork,” from 1889.


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    [kawr-king] /ˈkɔr kɪŋ/ Informal. adjective 1. excellent; fine. adverb 2. very: a corking good time. [kawrk] /kɔrk/ noun 1. the outer bark of an oak, Quercus suber, of Mediterranean countries, used for making stoppers for bottles, floats, etc. 2. Also called cork oak. the tree itself. 3. something made of cork. 4. a piece of […]

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    noun 1. (def 2). noun 1. an evergreen Mediterranean oak tree, Quercus suber, with a porous outer bark from which cork is obtained Also called cork tree

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    verb phrase To behave very strangely; freak out: ”Hey, he/ she’s corking out.” (acting really weird) (1990s+)

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