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a region in the midwestern U.S., especially Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, excellent for raising corn and cornfed livestock.


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  • Corn-borer

    noun 1. any of several pyralid moths, as Pyrausta (ostrinia) nubilalis (European corn borer) the larvae of which bore into the stem and crown of corn and other plants. noun 1. the larva of the pyralid moth Pyrausta nubilalis, native to S and Central Europe: in E North America a serious pest of maize

  • Cornbraid

    [kawrn-breyd] /ˈkɔrnˌbreɪd/ noun, verb (used with object) 1. .

  • Corn-bread

    noun 1. Also called Indian bread. a bread made of cornmeal. 2. (especially in northeastern U.S.) a sourdough rye bread, moist and heavy in texture. noun 1. a kind of bread made from maize meal Also called Indian bread

  • Corn-broom

    noun, Northeastern U.S. Older Use. 1. a broom made from the panicles of broomcorn.

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