the long, threadlike, silky styles on an ear of corn.
(US & Canadian) the silky tuft of styles and stigmas at the tip of an ear of maize, formerly used as a diuretic

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  • Corn-smut

    noun 1. a disease of corn caused by a fungus, Ustilago maydis, and characterized by blackish, powdery masses of spores on the affected parts of the plant. noun 1. an ascomycetous parasitic fungus, Ustilago zeae, that causes gall-like deformations on maize grain 2. the condition produced by this fungus

  • Corn-snake

    noun 1. a large, harmless rat snake, Elaphe guttata guttata, of the southeastern U.S., having yellow, tan, or gray scales with dark-red blotches: once common in cornfields but now an endangered species.

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    [kawrn-stawk] /ˈkɔrnˌstɔk/ noun 1. the or stem of , especially . /ˈkɔːnˌstɔːk/ noun 1. a stalk or stem of corn 2. (Austral, slang) a tall thin man

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