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Cornelis tromp

[trawmp] /trɔmp/

[kawr-ney-lis] /kɔrˈneɪ lɪs/ (Show IPA), 1629–91, and his father, Maarten Harpertszoon
[mahr-tuh n hahr-puh rt-sohn] /ˈmɑr tən ˈhɑr pərtˌsoʊn/ (Show IPA) 1597–1653, Dutch admirals.
/Dutch tromp/
Cornelius (Martenszoon) (korˈneɪlɪs). 1629–91, Dutch admiral, who fought during the 2nd and 3rd Anglo-Dutch Wars
his father, Maarten (Harpertszoon) (ˈmartən). 1598–1653, Dutch admiral, who fought in the 1st Anglo-Dutch War: killed in action

1892, variant of tramp; mainly American English. Related: Tromped; tromping.


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