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[kawr-uh-ley-shuh s, kor-] /ˌkɔr əˈleɪ ʃəs, ˌkɒr-/

of, relating to, or resembling a .
of, relating to, resembling, or having a corolla


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  • Corollary

    [kawr-uh-ler-ee, kor-; especially British, kuh-rol-uh-ree] /ˈkɔr əˌlɛr i, ˈkɒr-; especially British, kəˈrɒl ə ri/ noun, plural corollaries. 1. Mathematics. a proposition that is incidentally proved in proving another proposition. 2. an immediate consequence or easily drawn conclusion. 3. a natural consequence or result. /kəˈrɒlərɪ/ noun (pl) -laries 1. a proposition that follows directly from the […]

  • Corollate

    [kuh-rol-eyt, -it, kawr-uh-leyt, -lit, kor-] /kəˈrɒl eɪt, -ɪt, ˈkɔr əˌleɪt, -lɪt, ˈkɒr-/ adjective, Botany. 1. having a . adj. 1864, “having a corolla,” from corolla + -ate.

  • Coromandel

    [kawr-uh-man-dl, kor-] /ˌkɔr əˈmæn dl, ˌkɒr-/ noun 1. the hard, brownish wood of a tropical Asian tree, Diospyros melanoxylon. 2. the tree itself.

  • Coromandel-coast

    [kawr-uh-man-dl, kor-, kawr-, kor-] /ˈkɔr əˈmæn dl, ˈkɒr-, ˌkɔr-, ˌkɒr-/ noun 1. a coastal region in SE India, S of the Kistna River. /ˌkɒrəˈmændəl/ noun 1. the SE coast of India, along the Bay of Bengal, extending from Point Calimere to the mouth of the Krishna River

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