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Coronary bypass surgery

A surgical procedure to restore normal blood supply to the heart by creating new routes for the blood to travel into the heart when one or both of the coronary arteries have become clogged or obstructed (possibly due to atherosclerosis). These new routes are created by removing blood vessels from another part of the body (most often the veins of the leg) and grafting them onto the heart to bypass the clogged arteries.

Note: Often, people will call this kind of surgery a double, triple, or quadruple bypass, referring to the number of diseased coronary arteries that had to be bypassed during the operation.


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  • Coronary-care unit

    [kawr-uh-ner-ee kair, kor-] /ˈkɔr əˌnɛr i ˈkɛər, ˈkɒr-/ noun 1. a specialized hospital unit for the early care and treatment of heart-attack patients. Abbreviation: CCU.

  • Coronary cataract

    coronary cataract n. A cataract believed to be congenital, in which club-shaped opacities develop in the periphery of the cortex near the lens equator.

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    noun 1. a thick band of vascular tissue in the coronet of horses and other hoofed animals that secretes the horny wall of the hoof.

  • Coronary failure

    coronary failure n. Acute coronary insufficiency.

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