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[kawr-uh-ner-ee, kor-] /ˈkɔr əˌnɛr i, ˈkɒr-/

of or relating to the human heart, with respect to health.

of or like a crown.
noun, plural coronaries.
Pathology. a heart attack, especially a .
a .
(anatomy) designating blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, etc, that encircle a part or structure
noun (pl) -naries
short for coronary thrombosis

c.1600, “suitable for garlands,” from Latin coronarius “of a crown,” from corona “crown” (see crown (n.)). Anatomical use is 1670s for structure of blood vessels that surround the heart like a crown. Short for coronary thrombosis it dates from 1955. Coronary artery is recorded from 1741.

coronary cor·o·nar·y (kôr’ə-něr’ē)

A coronary thrombosis.
Relating to or involving the heart.
coronary [(kor-uh-ner-ee, kawr-uh-ner-ee)]

A descriptive term for the heart or the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle.

Note: The word coronary is often used by itself in an informal sense to refer to a heart attack or coronary thrombosis.


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