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  • Corpocracy

    [kawr-pok-ruh-see] /kɔrˈpɒk rə si/ noun, plural corpocracies. 1. a corporate bureaucracy. 2. a company characterized by bureaucracy. 3. a government run like a corporate bureacracy. 4. a society in which corporations have much economic and political power.

  • Corpocrat

    corporate bureaucrat

  • Corpora

    [kawr-per-uh] /ˈkɔr pər ə/ noun 1. a plural of . [kawr-puh s] /ˈkɔr pəs/ noun, plural corpora [kawr-per-uh] /ˈkɔr pər ə/ (Show IPA). or, sometimes, corpuses. 1. a large or complete collection of writings: the entire corpus of Old English poetry. 2. the body of a person or animal, especially when dead. 3. Anatomy. a […]

  • Corporal

    [kawr-per-uh l, -pruh l] /ˈkɔr pər əl, -prəl/ adjective 1. of the human body; bodily; physical: corporal suffering. 2. Zoology. of the body proper, as distinguished from the head and limbs. 3. personal: corporal possession. 4. Obsolete. ; belonging to the material world. [kawr-per-uh l, -pruh l] /ˈkɔr pər əl, -prəl/ noun 1. Military. 2. […]

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