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[kawr-pawr-ee-uh l, -pohr-] /kɔrˈpɔr i əl, -ˈpoʊr-/

of the nature of the physical body; bodily.
material; tangible:
corporeal property.
of the nature of the physical body; not spiritual
of a material nature; physical

early 15c., with adjectival suffix -al (1) + Latin corporeus “of the nature of a body,” from corpus “body” (living or dead), from PIE *kwrpes, from root *kwrep- “body, form, appearance,” probably from a verbal root meaning “to appear” (cf. Sanskrit krp- “form, body,” Avestan kerefsh “form, body,” Old English hrif “belly,” Old High German href “womb, belly, abdomen”).

corporeal cor·po·re·al (kôr-pôr’ē-əl)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the body.


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