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[kawr-uh-spon-duh ns, kor-] /ˌkɔr əˈspɒn dəns, ˌkɒr-/

communication by exchange of letters.
a letter or letters that pass between :
It will take me all day to answer this business correspondence.
Also, correspondency. an instance of .
similarity or analogy.
agreement; conformity.
news, commentary, letters, etc., received from a newspaper or magazine .
Mathematics. (def 4a).
the act or condition of agreeing or corresponding
similarity or analogy
agreement or conformity


early 15c., “harmony, agreement,” from Medieval Latin correspondentia, from correspondentem (nominative correspondens), present participle of correspondere (see correspond). Sense of “communication by letters” is first attested 1640s.

correspondence cor·re·spon·dence (kôr’ĭ-spŏn’dəns)
A relationship between corresponding points on each retina such that stimulation produces a single image.


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