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a fox, Vulpes corsac, of central Asia


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    [kawr-sahzh] /kɔrˈsɑʒ/ noun 1. a small bouquet worn at the waist, on the shoulder, on the wrist, etc., by a woman. 2. the body or waist of a dress; bodice. /kɔːˈsɑːʒ/ noun 1. a flower or small bunch of flowers worn pinned to the lapel, bosom, etc, or sometimes carried by women 2. the bodice […]

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    [kawrs] /kɔrs/ noun, Archaic. 1. . [kawrs] /kɔrs/ noun 1. French name of . /kɔːs/ noun 1. an archaic word for corpse /kɔrs/ noun 1. the French name for Corsica n. mid-13c., from Old French cors, from Latin corpus “body” (see corps for history and development). Archaic from 16c.

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