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[kawrs-lit] /ˈkɔrs lɪt/

(def 2).


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  • Corso

    /ˈkɔːsəʊ/ noun acronym (in New Zealand) 1. Council of Organizations for Relief Services Overseas

  • Cort

    1. (in prescriptions) the bark. n. obsolete form of court.

  • Cortadito

    [kawr-tuh-dee-toh] /ˌkɔr təˈdi toʊ/ noun, plural cortaditos. 1. an espresso topped with an approximately equal amount of steamed milk.

  • Cortazar

    [kawr-tah-sahr] /kɔrˈtɑ sɑr/ noun 1. Julio [hoo-lyaw] /ˈhu lyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1914–84, Argentine novelist and short-story writer; French citizen after 1981.

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