[al-fon-soh;; Italian ahl-fawn-saw] /ælˈfɒn soʊ;; Italian ɑlˈfɔn sɔ/ (Show IPA), 1822–76, Italian anatomist.
Historical Examples

Corti, with his Berbers, lingered in the vicinity of the field of fight watchful of the enemy.
The Prince of India, Volume II Lew. Wallace

But Count Corti with the deepening of the danger only exerted himself the more.
The Prince of India, Volume II Lew. Wallace

Corti saw the Dean out of the eastern gate of the enclosure, and returned.
The Prince of India, Volume II Lew. Wallace

Corti told her of the repast at the palace, and recounted the scene at parting.
The Prince of India, Volume II Lew. Wallace

In the human ear it has been estimated that there are about 3000 small arches formed by the rods of Corti.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 2 Various

The fortunes of Helmholtz’s theory of Corti’s fibres have been somewhat similar.
Popular scientific lectures Ernst Mach

The strings in Corti’s Harp become sensitive and possibly new ones are developed.
The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 12 (of 12) Robert G. Ingersoll

Corti made his first appearance in the “grand monde” as Ambassador.
Letters of a Diplomat’s Wife Mary King Waddington

In spite of the offence he felt, Corti blushed, such a flood of light did the salutation let in upon the falsity of his position.
The Prince of India, Volume II Lew. Wallace

Madame Corti, intrenched behind her own particular table, read the London Times with the aid of a long-handled eye-glass.
Dorothy and other Italian Stories Constance Fenimore Woolson

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