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[kos-ter, kaw-ster] /ˈkɒs tər, ˈkɔ stər/



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  • Costermansville

    [kos-ter-muh nz-vil, kaw-ster-] /ˈkɒs tər mənzˌvɪl, ˈkɔ stər-/ noun 1. former name of . /ˈkɒstəmənzˌvɪl/ noun 1. the former name (until 1966) of Bukavu

  • Costermonger

    [kos-ter-muhng-ger, -mong-, kaw-ster-] /ˈkɒs tərˌmʌŋ gər, -ˌmɒŋ-, ˈkɔ stər-/ Chiefly British noun 1. Also called coster. a hawker of fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. verb (used without object) 2. to sell fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., from a cart, barrow, or stall in the streets; coster. /ˈkɒstəˌmʌŋɡə/ noun 1. (Brit, rare) a person who sells fruit, vegetables, […]

  • Costing

    [kaws-ting, kos-] /ˈkɔs tɪŋ, ˈkɒs-/ noun, Chiefly British. 1. . [kawst, kost] /kɔst, kɒst/ noun 1. the price paid to acquire, produce, accomplish, or maintain anything: the high cost of a good meal. 2. an outlay or expenditure of money, time, labor, trouble, etc.: What will the cost be to me? 3. a sacrifice, loss, […]

  • Costive

    [kos-tiv, kaw-stiv] /ˈkɒs tɪv, ˈkɔ stɪv/ adjective 1. suffering from constipation; constipated. 2. slow in action or in expressing ideas, opinions, etc. 3. Obsolete. stingy; tight-fisted. /ˈkɒstɪv/ adjective 1. having constipation; constipated 2. sluggish 3. niggardly adj. c.1400, from Middle French costivé, from Latin constipatus, past participle of constipare (see constipation). costive cos·tive (kŏs’tĭv) adj.

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